Treasury - Teseum


Tongeren is fascinating with its religious and precious past. The Basilica of Our Lady houses one of the largest and richest church treasures in the Low Countries. You can rediscover this ecclesiastical treasure in the Teseum.

Interactive museumadventure

The precious objects are the highlight of the exhibition. You will be able to find out so much about their function, meaning and use. The various museum themes will transport you to the fascinating story behind the treasures.

Power and prestige

The core of the church treasury is mainly relics. These are remains of the body of a saint, or an object that was in contact with a saint. Possession of relics was proof of the age of a church and confirmed its power and prestige.

Showing the church treasures

The church treasures in Tongeren are venerated by the people of Tongeren. So the most important relics occasionally leave the treasury to be displayed to the public. The most important public display of relics is during the Heiligdomsvaart, a ceremony held once every seven years. For the common people, that was a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of the holy relics. These ‘monstrations’ attracted crowds of pilgrims to Tongeren.

Treasury Teseum