Museum themes

The museum is divided by various themes, each a fascinating way of exploring Tongeren’s church treasure.

Early Christianity in Tongeren

At the beginning of the exhibition, you will discover how Christianity came to the Roman Civitas Tungrorum.

The treasury

The heart of the Tongeren treasury exhibits precious relic holders, vestments and silver and gold altar plate. Discover the details of the objects, which reveal their specific character and remarkable history.

The historic church treasure

A special document has been preserved from the relic monstration in 1516: a monstration form. Pilgrims were able to buy this form as a souvenir during a monstration of relics. You can see the reconstruction of this monstration form in the historic treasury.

Chapter and Canons

Who collected the church treasury? What is a chapter and who were the canons? You will find an answer to this question in the theme Chapter and Canons.


One of the functions of the church treasury is to be used during liturgical rites. The 15th century manuscript ‘Liber Ordinarius’ was an essential manual for following the liturgy in Tongeren. This book is still conserved in the Teseum.

Musical life in Tongeren

A real must during your visit is the ‘music box’. Imagine yourself in the musical life of mediaeval Tongeren, and see and listen to the centuries-old music books.

Relics and Saints

Veneration of saints plays an important role in Catholicism. During your visit, you will walk past Tongeren’s effigies of a number of saints.

Culture of precessions and devotions to Our Lady

The museum story ends at the coronation celebrations, a fine link between past and present.