Teens - Teseum
Teseum voor jongeren



  • Interactive tour via iPod
  • 12-16 years
  • ca. 1 hour

f you think that art treasures are boring you obviously have not been on our interactive tour yet. Ask questions and take selfies during this to create a personal mood board expressing your view of the world and your thoughts, feelings and dreams. After the tour you can check your mood board as often as you like, at school or home. Cool!

Archaeological site

  • Audiotour via iPod
  • 12-16 years
  • ca. 45 min.

Dive deep for buried treasure! Young experts will take you on a fascinating journey of discovery through 2000 years of Tongeren. Tag along with Claudia and Magnus. What the two teenagers say to each other increases the imagination of the listener. Telling stories about their view of history, they go deeper into the passageways of the archaeological site.